Jason Scanzoni - SCNZ
Jason Scanzoni
Product Manager - Startup Engineer - Project Manager



Jason Scanzoni is a product manager who is able to jump in and get his hands dirty when necessary. He can:

  • manage a software team
  • hack at code
  • wireframe
  • manage the story backlog
  • produce marketing materials
  • interface with customers
  • run software trainings
  • meet with executives/other departments
  • run QA testing

Jason is interested in software startups, education technology (ed-tech), digital agencies, and innovative tech companies — companies that value ingenuity and intellectual curiosity.

Jason continually delivers solutions to meet the demands of the business and enhance the user experience. He has:

  • built a product to automate lead generation
  • developed scalable policies and procedures
  • built departments to take on key business functions
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • designed effective project dashboards and presentations

Having experience at non-profits, corporate, and startups in both regulated and unregulated industries, Jason has the ability to look at problems from multiple angles and he is able to interact and understand the needs of all stakeholders.